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About MüZhik Productions



About MüZhik Productions

From storyboard to finished video, a 30 sec ad to a 10 min infomercial, we practice the art of creative problem solving to engage your audience.


We are a Phoenix video production boutique that provides creative concepts, writes, shoots, directs, and edits. We specializing in music videos, still photography, commercials, internet shorts/demos, and documentaries.


What is the definition of MüZhik?

 In the past it was used to denote a lower class male, including peasants. While it can mean a plain man, it also denotes realism, strength, and high ability to solve problems with practical solutions.  In modern Russian it is also used in the meaning of a "Real Man". It is an increasingly positive term in a society that is becoming evermore artificial. This rings true to us. At MüZhik Productions, the ideal path to creative solutions is inspired, practical problem solving, regardless of budget..

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